Summer Invitational PA 2016

$ 229.00

Picture of Summer Invitational PA 2016

  • HD Quality

    Distinguish yourself from the pack with HD quality game film that captures your best. No need to rely on family or friends using shaky camcorders or smartphones. Our professional camera operators will have you in frame, every play, every game!

  • Instant Download

    Your game film is ready and waiting for you anytime you want it, directly from our video library. No need to wait for DVDs to arrive (or get lost) in the mail. Simply access an email link within 10 business days of your event, and you’ll be able to download your game film anywhere, and even transfer footage to your favorite device.

  • Elevated Perspective

    You’ll never be lost in the crowd with our game film. We shoot every game from an elevated platform so you have the same high-angle vantage point that you see in professional sports. Perfect for game review, player highlight reels and showcasing your strengths on the field.

  • Editable Files

    Use your favorite video editing software to create your own highlight reels. Our game files allow you to do anything from creating a short clip to building an entire season’s worth of highlights with non-stop action.

  • Success Stories

    GameTime has filmed over 85,000 student-athletes from coast-to-coast. Our footage has not only given players and coaches an invaluable teaching tool, but GameTime has also been instrumental in helping thousands of scholar athletes obtain coveted college scholarships.

  • Social Media

    Add game film and highlights to your Facebook page, YouTube channel, or any social media platform of your choice. Show your family, friends, prospective coaches and schools. Add personal details and descriptions when you upload to enhance exposure, so you can be found online and SEEN!

  • "By far the best footage I've seen in 9 years of traveling to tournaments. You're on the ball, professional, courteous, & ON TIME! Worth every dime!"
    Nancy DiBiase - Parent
  • "GameTime gave my son an invaluable way to be seen by college coaches. They're easy to work with and their product is First Class!"
    Kera Storrs - Parent
  • "Great image quality, disciplined camerawork. It's also encouraging that you have lower prices than anyone else."
    Rob Edwards - Coach
  • "Just wanted you to know that my son has committed to play D1 lacrosse. Thank you for all of your video support - you guys are fantastic."
    Evelina Del Duca - Parent
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